Fox Rage Compact rig storage box

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Fox Rage Compact rig storage box
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Perfect for storage of smaller lure items, these slim, strong boxes offer a clever solution when you’re out on the bank. Using foam inserts to store jigheads and or hooks, as well as shallow trays for other items, these boxes reduce item movement and therefore reduce noise.

Available in three sizes, buy multiple boxes and they work within a system – medium box is exactly half the size of the large box, the small box is exactly half the size of the medium box.

• Three sizes; large 280 x 225.6 x 30mm, medium 221 x 144.7 x 27.5mm, small 140 x 115.2 x 25.5mm
• Slim design
• Tight construction to avoid small items moving around
• Removable, slotted foam panels for jighead and hook storage
• Removable dividers
• The strongest light box on the market
• Full width lock for security but easy to open
• Smoked plastic finish
• Ideal for small items storage
• Box sizes designed to work as a storage system

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