Westin Twinteez V2 V-TAIL 14.5cm

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Westin Twinteez V2 V-TAIL 14.5cm
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Bass Orange
Bass Orange
Lively Roach
Lively Roach
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Huippu uutuus Westiniltä.

2 kpl erissä.

Pituus: 14,5cm

Version II of the legendary TwinTeez is packed with new features to improve your odds. We have added a realistic head with gill details for a more natural look and the oversized eyes act as a strike point for big mean predators. TwinTeez V2 is equipped with a slim V-shaped head design so it cuts the water and drops faster to the fish you are targeting. V-Tail design for delicate presentation with small shakes or twitches. The TwinTeez V2 is specially designed for bottom vertical fishing for zander, perch and pike, but try it on tricky pelagic fish or on a dropshot rig and a small stinger – deadly!

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